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March Madness: All-Time Big 12 Sports Edition Vote (UPDATED)

All-Time Big 12 Bracket

The 2021 NCAA Tournament is here! We are fired up with seven Big 12 teams in March Madness. But we also thought it would be fun to put together our own bracket to see who is the “best” Big 12 athletic program. We put together a list from No. 1 through No. 64 and broke them down by seeds like the NCAA Tournament. Each program was evaluated based on its entire history, not just recent history.

We will update the bracket every couple of days after polling is over!

Here we go with our Elite 8!


Elite 8

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Elite 8: 1 Kansas Men's Basketball vs. 15 Iowa State Football
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Elite 8: 1 Oklahoma Football vs. 15 Baylor Men's Basketball
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Elite 8: 2 Oklahoma Softball vs. 2 Oklahoma Women's Gymnastics
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Elite 8: 4 Oklahoma State Football vs. 4 Oklahoma Men's Basketball

Best of luck to all teams involved and we will be updating the bracket every couple of days once polling is over!

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