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Is Lincoln Riley The Next BBQ Pitmaster?

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Easter Sunday has come upon us. For most, it is a day full of church, Easter egg hunting for the kids and of course having a meal with your closest friends and family.

Personally, I enjoy a great steak on the weekends while some like to make a roast or chow down on some delicious BBQ. It looks like Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley decided to go with the BBQ option by the looks of this picture.


I am no professional cook by any means, but I can’t tell if that is brisket or beef jerky but whatever the heck it is, I am getting dehydrated just looking at it. Where is the fat cap? And where is the smoke ring? For crying out loud, I have seen Popeye’s biscuits moister than this brisket.

While Lincoln Riley is the coach at Oklahoma, he is from the Lone Star State where brisket is everything when it comes to BBQ. So, he is embarrassing two states if you really think about it.

The man is an amazing football coach, and this photo confirms he shouldn’t give up his career for a chance to appear on Top Chef or BBQ Pitmasters any time soon.

Maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh on Lincoln. Maybe he had a personal chef or someone else cook it. Nobody is perfect but if there was anything that needed a resurrection on Sunday, it was that brisket.  Next time, leave the brisket to someone else Lincoln.

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