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Baylor Releases ‘Late Start to Work’ Template for Fans on Tuesday

mack rhoades

As the Baylor Bears get set to take on Gonzaga in Monday night’s Men’s NCAA Tournament National Championship game, Baylor released a mock letter from athletic director Mack Rhoades that all fans can use ahead on Tuesday morning.

The letter is designed to allow fans to show up late to work on Tuesday morning. I would say, win or lose, Baylor fans should have this letter handy.

If the Bears win the National Championship, there is no way any Baylor fan will, or should, show up to work on time. If they lose, they will have an even tougher time getting out of bed on Tuesday morning.

Here’s a look at the letter Baylor put up on Tuesday.


If I was a Baylor fan, I would be PRINTING this one out before I leave the office today.

However, I suppose with so many people working from home still, this may not be as necessary, but even rolling out of bed for a Zoom call could be tough on Tuesday morning. If nothing else, I would suggest turning off your camera for your first couple of Zoom meetings on Tuesday morning. Just saying you’re having a technical issue and only your microphone is working. Just try to not completely fall asleep so everyone on the call hears you snoring. BUt even that would be a better outcome than Jeffrey Toobin.

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