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Kyle Umlang Proves Aggie Tears are Always Flowing at Barstool Sports

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If you have a Twitter account and follow Texas Longhorns sports closely, you probably know who Kyle Umlang is. Kyle is basically a genius when it comes to stats and facts about Texas sports as well as other things.  

As his Twitter follows continued to soar, Kyle decided to have some fun and write a wonderful book called “101 Aggie Facts: Things Every Longhorn fan should know”.  

The book is filled with fun facts about Texas A&M and unless you are an Aggie fan, you probably will find this book hilarious. Of course the book has gained popularity which apparently caught the attention of two Barstool Sports employees who cover college football.  


As you can see in the video, these two are just a little upset which is understandable because one of them is an Aggie fan while the other is a Mississippi State fan. They understand what it means to be second fiddle in their own state so maybe Kyle’s book was a little too close to home for them.  

But I am here to tell you that Kyle is the one with the last laugh. His book is the number one football book on amazon currently. Anytime you can shame your rival and make money off of it, I am all for it. So congrats Kyle, as your book continues to take off I just hope we can get more reaction videos like this one.  

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