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Sportsbooks Are Hosed if TCU Wins 2021 College Football Playoff

NCAA Football: SMU at Texas Christian

Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners. It’s an old cliche that rings true. Anytime we hit the strip for a game of blackjack, craps, slots or placing a sports bet, we all think we are walking out a winner. Most of us don’t. If we did, Las Vegas would cease to exist.

Regardless, it’s the thrill of the possibility that keeps us all coming back for more.

One of the most fun sports bets one can make is a “future” bet on their team to win a conference championship or national title. And sportsbooks are already taking those bets for the 2021 college football season.


And according to, if the TCU Horned Frogs pull off a national championship next season, it would be the fifth-most costly team to sportsbooks in college football.

Top 5 Liabilities for the Book

1. Texas A&M:              25/1                  (opened at 50/1)

2. Florida State:             100/1                (opened at 150/1)

3. Florida:                     33/1                 

4. Auburn:                     100/1               

5. TCU:                         200/1   

Note: This is the order of teams that would be most costly for the sportsbook

Spring practice is underway for the Horned Frogs, who are trying to crack a streak of three mediocre seasons in a row. Gary Patterson has had the defense, but hasn’t been able to figure out the offense in recent seasons.

Patterson also recently advocated for College Football Playoff expansion to eight teams. This continues to get more legs, and Patterson knows it would help TCU, as the system is currently structured to help the college football blue bloods over the TCU’s of the world.


Patterson said, “But at the end of the day, one of the biggest reasons I think you need to expand to eight is I think there’s a lot of collateral damage that’s being done. Bowl games have always been important, but if you look at the Playoff, their guys stayed on their teams. Other guys opted out. Where is the risk-reward of that whole situation?

First thing for Coach P and the Horned Frogs will be getting themselves into a position to play for a Big 12 Championship, which they last did in 2017.

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