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NCAA Panel Approves New College Football Rule Changes

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No matter which team you root for, we can all agree on one thing. We are all college football fans. In fact, the reason you are reading this right now is because you are a college football fan. And that is the reason I have been covering college football here for the last few years. Because college football means everything to me.

As fun as the sport can be between traditions and the tailgates, there is only one thing to ruin this great sport we all love. Yes, you guessed it! The NCAA. Otherwise known as the fun killers.


In the game of football, things can get a little emotional. When people are out there hitting each other on every play, moments can get tense and emotions are not bottled within, they are worn on the player’s sleeves.

But after the NCAA rules panel approved this on Thursday, I have some questions.

First off, I have no issue with the overtime. In fact, I agree with a lot of these new rules but there is one I have a huge issue with.

Taunting and uniform violations? If you go out there with your helmet on and chinstrap buckled wearing pants and a uniform, you should be good. Is the NCAA getting tired of wristbands or something? Keep in mind, these athletes aren’t getting paid. Let them have some fun and be creative within reason.

And as for the taunting, grow up NCAA. Welcome to football. Protect the players but don’t suck the fun out of everything. Trash talking is part of football and anyone that says otherwise has never played the sport. If a player makes a big play or a touchdown, let him celebrate a little. He worked his tail off to make a play and gets a little excited and you want to limit or penalize that? C’mon NCAA.


But it’s not surprising to be honest with you. Instead of focusing on rule changes maybe the NCAA should buy a mirror and take a good hard look into what they see in the reflection. They can’t even control themselves yet they want to control everything. Give me a break. You want to fix a problem? How about not ejecting players for a crap targeting call that was not intentional.

The NCAA is all about money, money, money yet seem fine when players get tossed out of big games for a stupid rule. But then again, it’s the NCAA we are talking about. So I wouldn’t expect much from them.

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