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Kansas High School Coach Calls Interactions with Les Miles ‘Embarrassing’, ‘Very Weird’

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The Kansas Jayhawks football team is still looking for its next head coach.

But no matter what direction the team goes, it’s becoming more clear that moving on from Les Miles was the right decision, for several reasons.

According to this report from Mike Vernon on the KU football hearings, there was an especially interesting letter from Derby, Kansas high school football coach Brandon Clark. In this letter, he would go to describe his interactions with Les Miles as “very weird” and also used the word “embarrassing.”


This one story in particular is fascinating, as Clark said, “I had two occurrences with Coach Miles. My first was a phone call with him. It lasted over 30 minutes. He told me how good of a football coach I was and told me how he wanted to recruit our kids since we were the power house of Kansas. I could tell he was reading from a piece of paper. He went through his sales pitch, I then asked him a question about how he was liking Kansas University, and obviously he said he loved it. He paused… and then he started reading the same notes over and we went through the same conversation again, word for word. It was very weird. The next time I listened to him was at our Kansas High School Coaches Association clinic. I can’t tell you how embarrassed I was for Kansas University. The talk revolved around his Dr. Pepper commercial and how dumb his kids were. It was embarrassing.”

Holy smokes.

Reading this also makes you wonder what the heck former athletic director Jeff Long was thinking?

This story also reminds us of the first Big 12 Media Days Les Miles was a part of nearly two years ago and we wrote about how awkward that was.

Regardless, it has become more apparent by the day that while KU got rid of Les Miles for what happened at LSU, things clearly weren’t going well in Lawrence either.

Now the question is, who will get the job?

Emmett Jones remains the interim coach, but KU has yet to settle on the next permanent head coach.

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