Ranking All NFL Stadiums from Worst to Best

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Although there are several factors that define an NFL game experience, the role a stadium plays in creating such an experience cannot be understated. 

Classic designs, location, amenities, and the general atmosphere created by a stadium are part of that magnificent fan experience. While this is true, not all stadiums offer the same experience in the NFL. Let us rank all the 30 NFL stadiums from the worst to those that stand a cut above the rest. 

30. FedExField-Washington Football Team

With a capacity of 82,000, FedExField stadium has one of the largest capacities. The major problem with RFK Stadium is its location. It is literally in the middle of nowhere; it falls short when it comes to that scintillating atmosphere outside the stadium.  

 29.  Paul Brown Stadium 

This stadium was opened in 2000 and boasts a capacity of 65,535. Although it offers good amenities and a solid view of the skyline, it still struggles to create a sparkling atmosphere.

28. TIAA Bank Filed

The home ground for Jacksonville Jaguars opened in 1995. It has a capacity of 67,164 but there is nothing so major about this stadium that can add more flare to the game. Maybe the swimming pool and some renovations will help boost that experience but is still not a great stadium. 

27. Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium has a capacity of 65,236. Since its opening in 1987, it has been the home to Dolphins. However, there is nothing so spectacular about this stadium. 

26. Bills Stadium

This stadium was opened in 1973 and has a capacity of 71,608. Although table jumping and fan experience are good, the lack of aesthetics makes it dull. 

25. Bank of America Stadium

Opened in 1996, Bank of America Stadium has a capacity of 75,523. Compared to newer stadiums, this Panther’s ground doesn’t is still a 90s image. 

24. Raymond James Stadium

This is the home ground of Buccaneers and has a capacity of 65, 890. Although this stadium looks cool, other new designs have condemned it to the middle of the pack. 

23. MetLife Stadium

While this 82,500 capacity stadium is huge and features new designs, the location of this stadium is not great. New Jersey and not New York! Its turf is also notorious for sending players to injury. 

22. FirstEnergy Stadium 

This stadium has a capacity of 67,985 and was launched in 1999. The tailgate and dawg pound offers some special feeling. However, there is nothing that can bring home an advantage when the Browns are struggling. 

21. Nissan Stadium

Opened in 1999 with a capacity of 69,143, the Titan’s home ground has hosted several major plays. This Nissan Stadium has bars and plenty of amenities that enable fans to easily move from bars to games. It could be better if more new features are added or generally upgraded. 

20. M&T Bank Stadium- Baltimore Ravens

This is a fairly good stadium with a capacity of 71,008. Although there is nothing so spectacular, the fan base is passionate and is loud enough in most of the games. 

19. Soldier Field

The Chicago Bears stadium was opened in 1924 and has a capacity of 61,500. Being home to one of the most valuable football clubs, it has hosted several incredible matches and players. Although it offers an amazing experience especially during winter, the renovations at the beginning of the century took away some of its incredible culture and designs. 

18. Ford Field 

Ford Field was opened in 2002 and has a capacity of 2002. While its location is great, lack of history and tradition makes it less special.

17. Levi Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers moved to this 68, 500 capacity stadium in 2014. Although it has new designs, the history and setting of the previous Candlestick Park are missing. Also, the fact that this stadium is not located in San Francisco only worsens the situation. 

16. NRG Stadium

NRG Stadium was opened in 2002 and has a capacity of 72,220. The modern design and the see-through roofs create an amazing experience, especially in the afternoon games. 

15. State Farm Stadium

With a capacity of 63,400, State Farm Stadium is fairly huge. It has hosted several big games since its opening in 2006. If I could consistently carry the same luster then perhaps the experience here would be super awesome. 

14. Gillette Stadium

Although opened in 2002, this stadium has recently compiled history in-game success for New England.  However, the nightmare traffic and the fact that there is nothing so special in design make it a middle-pack stadium. 

13. Lincoln Financial Field

Opened in 2003 with a capacity of 69, 596, Lincoln Financial Field offers a good environment. Thanks to the upgraded turf and location. 

12.  Lucas Oil Stadium

This stadium was opened in 2008 but has quickly become a spotlight stadium. The great location and magnificent structure make it a great stadium.

11. Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium was opened in 2020 and has a capacity of 65,000. The location and plenty of amenities would excite fans. 

10. Empower Field at Mile High

The mile-high advantage and the mountain background make this 76,125 capacity stadium look great. However, there is not much in terms of unique design.

9. Heinz Field

Opened in 2001 with a capacity of 68,400, nothing beats the experience of thousands of fans waving towels. Its location near bars makes it a perfect NFL place for fans.

8. Mercedes-Benz Superdome

This stadium was opened in 1975 and has a capacity of 73,208. Although the design and structure may not be that classy, it is a sign of hope for a city struck by tragedies. 

7. Mercedes-Benz Stadium- Atlanta Falcons

This 71, 00 capacity stadium continues to host big games. The amazing roofing, as well as unmatchable food prices, makes it a great place for watching NFL. 

6. A&T Stadium

With a capacity of 80,000, A&T Stadium sets the bar for football homes. The fact that players enter the field and the fans can see them in a nice added touch makes the experience top-notch.

5. U.S. Bank Stadium

This 66, 665 capacity stadium has more structural similarities to U.S. Bank. The structure is no doubt cool and creates a great fan experience.

4.  Arrowhead Stadium 

The tailgating scenes in this stadium are unmatchable. Also, the fans can make even louder sounds from the stands thus creating a perfect fan experience. 

3. Sofi Stadium

The Jumbotron structure is a unique and innovative design. Since it was opened in 2020, we have to wait for fans to see whether it can create some amazing fan flare. 

2.  CenturyLink Field

This is one of the best home-field advantage stadiums in the NFL. Things like the scenic setup, 12th man festivities, and beast quake take the fan experience to another level.

  1. Lambeau Field

It is fairly an old yet large-capacity stadium in the NFL.  The location, design, amenities, and of course the addition of that museum makes it an incredible place for every NFL fan. 

Wrap up

We have ranked the NFL stadiums keeping in mind a number of key factors loved by fans. Of course, football fans love to watch their NFL matches in a stadium that adds flavor to the game! 


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