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Oklahoma State DT Brendon Evers Calls Out ESPN

Brendon Evers

Who doesn’t like calling out ESPN? It’s a past time of everyone from athletes to players.

The latest to jump in on the mix is Oklahoma State defensive tackle Brendon Evers. Why? Well, ESPN released its “scariest defenses in college football” list and the rundown included Clemson, Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M and Ohio State.


Notice anything? Cough, cough, SEC bias. This is another reminder of why we started this website.

Anyway, Oklahoma State defensive tackle Brendon Evers called out the list with this simple tweet.

Oklahoma State’s defense started strong but faded a bit down the stretch and finished the season ranked in the middle of the pack in the conference in most major categories.

But, with the majority of starters coming back next fall, the Cowboys have a chance to take a big step forward under defensive coordinator Jim Knowles.

We’ll see if they can do it, but Brandon Evers seems confident of that.

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