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Three Up and Three Down: 2022 NFL Draft Projections, Sooners Booted and Bad Take of the Week

NCAA Football: TaxSlayer Gator Bowl-Texas A&M vs North Carolina State

Every single week there are plenty of different sports discussions going on in the world of social media. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, you can guarantee that as you are reading this, some people at this very moment are arguing over sports.

Whether it be comments, tweets, radio or television, there is always something buzzing in the sports world. Sometimes for better or worse but I thought it would be fun to capture the week with a three up and three down series to show you what I saw that caught my eye this past week.


Three Up


In case you did not know, the Ehlinger family received some tragic news this week with the loss of Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger the younger brother of former Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger. The news was shockingly devastating around the Texas program and beyond. It is not often where you see different programs come together in unity but the support I have seen from other football accounts and team accounts across the Big 12 was amazing to see. Much respect goes out to those who run the accounts from other schools to honor Jake and his family.

2022 NFL Draft

I have been preaching on the site the past week that despite a not-so-great 2021 NFL Draft for the Big 12, better days are ahead. Next Year’s NFL class from the conference looks as deep and strong as ever and it is very possible that the number one overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft comes from the Big 12.

Twitter Money?

Twitter is introducing this new thing called “Tip Jar”. It is a new way to receive money on Twitter apparently. Instead of recruits wanting to get more followers this would be a good way to get them so money in their pocket! I am kidding of course but I wouldn’t put it past some crazy fans to try and start “tipping” recruits to sway them to come play of their school. I am sure SEC fans are excited for this.


Three Down

Seth McGowan and Trejan Bridges

I know this has already been talked about on the site this week, but it is a darn shame that these events took place as both players were kicked off the team following an alleged armed robbery. I was excited for both players to take their game to the next level and instead, a dumb decision was made. With that said, I hope both young men can turn things around and get on the right track.

Texas A&M Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

Ah, Jimbo. When are you going to learn not to mess with Nick Saban? This week Jimbo said that he was going to “beat his ass” when talking about Nick Saban and Alabama. Then of course Nick Saban replied, “In golf?” which was great. How dumb can you be for calling out Alabama? I mean, Jimbo realizes he must play them on a football field and not on the ping-pong table, right? I can guarantee you that if Nick Saban has the opportunity to run the score up when these two teams meet in the fall, he will do just that, and I will have a big smile on my face when he does.

Bad Take of the Week

Remember when I was talking about the Big 12 producing the number one overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft? I was referring to Spencer Rattler but apparently this man has no idea what is going on in the world of college football.

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