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Three Up and Three Down: Latest Heisman Odds, Top Ten Lists and Bad Take of the Week

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Iowa State

Every single week there are plenty of different sports discussions going on in the world of social media. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, you can guarantee that as you are reading this, some people at this very moment are arguing over sports.

Whether it be comments, tweets, radio or television, there is always something buzzing in the sports world. Sometimes for better or worse but I thought it would be fun to capture the week with a three up and three down series to show you what I saw that caught my eye this past week.


Three Up

Heisman Odds

This week William Hill Sportsbook released their post spring Heisman odds that included six Big 12 players in their top fifteen. Of course, leading the way was the favorite, Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler. If Rattler does have a magical season and wins the hardware, that would mean three out of the last five winners would have come from Oklahoma.

SB Nation’s WRNL

It appears that our friends over at Wide Right & Natty Lite (Iowa State site) made a satire piece that caught some people by storm for of course not reading the article. They wrote that Iowa’s Head Basketball Coach Fran McCaffrey’s son Connor would be transferring out of the program for some strange reasons listed in the story. I thought it was hilarious and to see some people in the Iowa media fall for it was even funnier in my book. But this is what happens when people see something and don’t read it all the way through. It clearly stated the article was a joke, yet they had people scrambling.

Where Does Your Team Fall?

Earlier this week I wen through every Big 12 team and labeled them as either a contender or pretender come fall. Find out where your team lands right here.


Three Down

Pro Football Focus

I have said it many times, but I have a true love/hate relationship with PFF. Sometimes I think they have interesting stats and sometimes I think they get a little crazy with their grades instead of focusing on the obvious which are results on the field. Earlier this week they left Iowa State running back Breece Hall out of their top five returning running backs and then left out Iowa State’s Mike Rose out of their top five returning linebackers. Keep in mind, Mike Rose was the Big 12 defensive player of the year last season. C’mon PFF.

247 Sports

I hate to keep piling on other companies, but I am not one for terrible takes nor do I have time for them. This week 247 put out a picture of their top ten returning players in the Big 12. Here was their list.

First off, this list is way too offensive heavy. Four running backs in the top ten? Give me a break. Breece Hall and Bijan Robinon probably belong but I can’t vouch for Deuce Vaughn and Leddie Brown being in the top ten. Also, Oklahoma State’s Josh Sills at number five? Absolutely not. There are a few Oklahoma and Iowa State defensive players that belong in this top ten and I could go on for hours about this, but I don’t have time. Perhaps my biggest complaint with this is that the coward who put together this list didn’t even put their name on it. Instead, they hid behind the company logo. Probably because they did not want their mentions to be filled up with people who disagree with their terrible, lazy thought-out list.

Bad Take of The Week

I really am at a loss for words about this. I am a Texan and maybe I am biased but not s single place in the lone star state makes the top ten? This is about as bad as that time someone said that Brooklyn BBQ was taking over the world. Maybe I am a sucker for falling for these lists. These types of things want reactions because it is the popular thing to do. They got far more eyeballs on this by doing this so I guess I will give them points for that.

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