The Best Prop Bets for the NCAA Collegiate Sport Tournaments

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s the NCAA games reach headlines, sports fans and eager bettors strive to get the best bets, looking at each team bracket and taking the opportunities to get quick cash-ins and big rewards.  Of course, bettors need to know how well the teams are doing and which seeds are currently in favor. To bet on the 2021 NCAA tournament games, you will first have to find the right sportsbook. Different platforms offer different promotions that can help you decide where to place your bet.  


We’re going to go through some of the best props available for the NCAA tournament betting: favorites, underdogs, number of points, total points for a single team game, and many others! So if you’re wondering, what are the odds? Read on! 

12-5 Upset Bracket 

First on our list is the upset prop bets. This bet has been one of the top picks for bettors to wager on as this comes with understanding the team’s background and analyzing past games. 


This bet asks the question: Will the favorite five seed advance past the unfavored 12 seed? It has been proven by sports enthusiasts and hard NCAA fans that in 40 years, this method gives 50— 12 over five upset bets wherein teams that are seeded on the No. 5 seed lines typically ranked within the Top 20 favored teams compared to the teams on the seven seed line. 


This phenomenon, in particular, shows that history can predict the consistency of top teams. If you’re pacing through wagers for a favored contender, then this might be an excellent strategy for quick cash-ins 

Sweet 16 Round Bets 

With its nine-year history in the NCAA, This prop bet has been a staple towards the tournament. It has been listed as a prop at FanDuel for the longest time. 


The premise is simple: predict the first four teams who’ll be in the Sweet 16, a lineup of the best 16 teams across different regions. And with the participation of some notable players in the field, there’s no telling if history is going to repeat itself or if an upset should be expected. 

NCAA Final Four Prop Bets 

In NCAA tournaments, collegiate teams from all across the country will boil down to the Final Four. Much like the Sweet 16, the final four hosts the remaining top four teams that will compete in the last few games until one of them is the tournament champion. And this prop bet might be the biggest amongst other bets.  


The final four is where all bets are in and the rewards are big. And despite the impact of Covid in the overall team morale, there are notable players that have shown performance that exceed playoff plays.  

In-Game Prop Bets 

While most prop bets are observed with expert analysis and statistical queries, some prop bets require no analysis at all; just fun and good prediction skills.  


In-game prop bets are wagers that happen during the game. Props vary, starting from whose team gets the first shot, player with the most fouls and even the first team to make a substitution. Everything goes with these kinds of prop bets, and while cash in values are small, they’re easy, quick and good for people who want to add their fun. 

Player Performance Prop Bets 

In most sports events, if there’s something people could bet on, chances are there’s a bookkeeper preparing the sheets and handling that wager. One such thing is a player’s performance. 


Whether it be on a single game or its season player stats. Bettors put their money on players that have a potential to reach a certain kind of performance. One good example is betting on a player to have the most rebounds in a game, or the most points scored in a single quarter.  

Team Performance Prop Bets 

Similarly, team performance prop bets work the same as player performance prop bets, except a team’s seasonal performance is set for multiple wagers.  


Team performance bets are more intensive, and bettors need to make critical decisions when choosing the most favorable option. Keep in mind that amongst the number of odds and sheets to look into, these  kinds of bets are full of exciting cash-ins with a possibility of snagging a huge jackpot win. 

In Conclusion 

Different prop bets offer genuine fun and rewards that fit each wager’s preference. And while they make your experience enjoyable, it is good to consider that these bets come with a risk. Before making any decision, take time to study each prop bet, and be meticulous enough to choose the best possible scenario while enjoying the action-packed games of the year. After all, watching sports and supporting teams is always more fun when the possibility of winning big prizes is high.  

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