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In Typical Texas A&M Fashion, New Hype Video is Poorly Named

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It’s that time of year when spring ball has come to an end and media days isn’t yet here, so teams use the lull to try and build up excitement for the upcoming season. In typical Texas A&M fashion, they get close to something, like last year’s College Football Playoff, and think that this is horseshoes. It’s not. Close doesn’t count, unless you’re the Aggies. That’s how it’s been for them for decades.

So appropriately, they released a new hype video that’s titled “We Ain’t Done Yet”.

Here’s a look at the video if you’d like to watch it.


The video is well put together, and if you’re a fan of the Aggies, maybe this gives you hope for 2021.

However why is the video titled, “We Ain’t Done Yet”? Not done with what? Not done winning anything of significance? Not done finishing behind Alabama in the SEC West? Not done bragging about being in the SEC with nothing to show for it? Not done complaining about how the CFB Playoff should be expanded?

It’s been a bold offseason for the Aggies, as Jimbo¬† Fisher has doubled down on beating Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.

Throw in the hype video, the weird name, and you’ve got a classic Aggie offseason ripe for a season that finds them out of the Playoff conversation by mid-October.

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