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Three Up, Three Down: OU Football Recruiting, College World Series and Paul Finebaum Show Idea

NCAA Football: Houston at Oklahoma

Every single week there are plenty of different sports discussions going on in the world of social media. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, you can guarantee that as you are reading this, some people at this very moment are arguing over sports. 

Whether it be comments, tweets, radio or television, there is always something buzzing in the sports world. Sometimes for better or worse but I thought it would be fun to capture the week with a three up and three down series to show you what I saw that caught my eye this past week. 


Three Up 

College World Series 

The stage is set in Omaha to start up on Saturday. The final eight teams are Texas, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Virginia, Stanford, NC State, Vanderbilt, and Arizona. I know the Texas Longhorns are the only Big 12 team left, but I will have you covered this weekend as the Longhorns are set to play Mississippi on Sunday at 6 p.m. central time. Have any of you been to Omaha? I am thinking about taking my first trip up for the 2022 College World Series to soak it all in so let me know how it is.  

Champ U BBQ 

If you are a recruiting junkie, you probably know that Oklahoma is having their big recruiting weekend otherwise known as “Champ U BBQ”. The Sooners are set to host a ton of big-time prospects but let’s hope that Lincoln Riley lets someone else do the cooking this time. There shouldn’t be a dry brisket in Norman, Oklahoma this weekend.  

Bat Beers 

I have been seeing these things everywhere and all I know is that I want one. This makes me want to go to a minor league came and have a few of these bat beers. I hope every MLB stadium takes notice of this and I hope this becomes a normal thing from here on out.  


Three Down 

CFB Playoff Idea 


This may be the dumbest playoff idea I have heard. Is there a such thing as a “normal fan” who is not biased? Come on. I mean, you know this had to be a Texas A&M fan calling in right? 

This Man’s Health 

I am not going to lie; this is a great punishment and whoever came up with this is a genius. I don’t live near a Waffle House, but I have been in one after a night out in Dallas. Obviously, I had some drinks beforehand, but I could not imagine being in a Waffle House sober for 24 hours. I think I would just eat as many waffles as I possibly could until I puked or passed out. Good luck to this man but I feel bad for his bowels.  

Minnesota BBQ 


I will be the first to admit, I have never been to Minnesota. I am not exactly sure what they specialize in up there, but BBQ doesn’t appear to be it. There are probably some decent BBQ spots in Minnesota, but these ribs look about as bleak as Kansas winning the Big 12………in football. BBQ twitter can be harsh but after looking at these, there is no way in hell I would post a picture of these ribs. I hope they weren’t expensive.  

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