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MAGZ Sports Group Launches To Help Big 12 Athletes Navigate Name, Image Likeness

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After what has seemed long overdue, college athletes, in certain states, now have the ability to profit off of their name, image, and likeness (“NIL”).  The NIL law was passed in some of the Big 12 states, with others presumably following suit.  The NCAA hasn’t completely gotten on board; however, each individual state has the ability to allow it.  

This could be a recruiting advantage.  Hypothetically, as a certain athlete, if you were between two schools, wouldn’t you want to choose the school whose state will allow you to profit off of your NIL?  That information alone should jump start some governors—and the NCAA—to allow it across the board.


Knowing this certain companies, including the MAGZ Sports Group, are here to help student athletes in their quest to profit off of their NIL.  These athletes have worked extremely hard to get where they are today, and shouldn’t they be able to get a percentage of the brand that they have worked so hard to build?  Absolutely.  

With athletes like Johnny Manziel, whose jersey sold approximately $60,000, wouldn’t it only seem right for him to get a percentage of that?  Certainly A&M should get part of it, but without Johnny, A&M wouldn’t have receive a single penny of that.  

This is long overdue and it’s finally a great thing that is happening.  

If you are an athlete and would like to talk more about branding, please visit: magzsports.com or contact [email protected].

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