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Creighton Gets NCAA Punishment, While Kansas Keeps Waiting

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The NCAA announced its punishment of Creighton basketball on Tuesday, while the Kansas Jayhawks await any kind of decision from the NCAA related to the same FBI investigation into college basketball.

Creighton was implicated in the FBI’s college basketball probe after a former assistant coach ‘accepted a $6,000 payment from a business management company that intended to use coaches to influence student-athletes to retain the company and when he provided false or misleading information about his actions during the investigation,’ wrote the NCAA in its decision.

Creighton’s case was classified as Level I-mitigated for the school, Level I-aggravated for the former assistant coach and Level II-mitigated for the athletics director. The Blue Jays received two years’ probation and a list of university-imposed penalties that don’t include a postseason ban. The former assistant coach received a two-year show-cause order.


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This is the latest resolution to a case that came out of the FBI investigation. The NCAA has been investigating the charges against Kansas for more than two years.

Self and the Kansas program are accused of committing three Level I violations, which are the most severe the NCAA can hand out. This has led to a responsibility charge against Self and a lack of institutional control. Kansas ‘emphatically rejected’ the charges. 

Right now any punishment is in the hands of a new committee called the Independent Accountability Resolution Process. One of the key parts of this is that the IARP’s ruling is final No appeal through the NCAA. Whatever they decide, that’s it (unless the Jayhawks want to go to court). This would, theoretically, take any self-punishment off the table. Arizona did that last season, imposing a one-year postseason ban on itself.

This case has dragged on for two years with no resolution. At some point, the IARP will hand down a ruling. Considering that his program faces Level 1 violations, there has always been some thought that Self could absorb a suspension or lose his job as a result.

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