Kansas State Wildcats

Bill Snyder Advocates for Kansans to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

In divided times, the COVID-19 vaccine has certainly been at the top of the list. Recently, there has been a push to make sure more Americans are getting their vaccine as life continues to get back to normal with ballparks full, traveling back and restaurants and bars at capacity.

One person who decided to jump into the fray was former Kansas State coach Bill Snyder, who wrote on Twitter, “Vaccinations-save lives. Please help. Get yours and encourage others. Keep all of our families and others safe.”


Snyder is obviously a legend in the state who could have won a U.S. Senate race or Governor’s race at any point in the last generation in the state of Kansas. So with sky-high popularity in the state, will that convince some people in the Sunflower State who have not gotten the vaccine to get it? I guess time will tell.

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