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Jimbo Fisher is Still Bragging About Losing to Alabama by 28 Points

NCAA Football: TaxSlayer Gator Bowl-Texas A&M vs North Carolina State

Death, taxes and Texas A&M riding coattails.

None of this is new to Big 12 fans who have been watching this song and dance from the Aggies for a generation. They road coattails in the Big 12, and now they’re doing it again in the SEC.

When it comes to the expansion of the College Football Playoff, most appear to be in favor of it. And on Sunday at the Texas High School Football Coaches Association coaching school, Jimbo Fisher was asked about expansion, and of course he went on to brag about a loss.


Very on brand for an Aggie. Fisher said, “I believe expanding the playoff is a great thing. I think there are certain leagues who have advantages where you’re able to dominate the league… I’m using us as an example, we played Alabama as well as anyone did that year.”

A reminder: Texas A&M lost to Alabama 52-24. Yes, Jimbo Fisher is bragging about a 28-point loss.


This reminds me of last fall when Fisher called for Playoff expansion, but then said that conference championships were overrated.


“I think with four teams you’re still leaving it out a little bit, in my opinion, because of other conference championships. Two or three teams might be in the best conference. I’m not trying to go against conference champions, but if you’re going to find the best teams, I think you have to expand the playoffs, incorporate the other bowls into it, and let everybody get a piece of that,” Fisher said.

That’s where his SEC bias is showing. Basically, Jimbo Fisher is saying, and I’m paraphrasing, “ya know, I can’t beat Nick Saban and Alabama. Heck, I’m not sure I can beat Kirby Smart and Georgia. So I’d really like it if the college football media can carry my water so three or four SEC teams can get into an eight team College Football Playoff and then we have a shot to win the title. That would be great, thanks!”

Fisher knows that he will get ESPN, Paul Finebaum and most of the college football media to support him when he inevitably gets his butt kicked by Alabama in the regular season and then starts lobbying for a College Football Playoff spot in a theoretical expanded format that would include some at-large selections.

Long story short: another day, and more coattail riding and complaining from Aggie land. Nothing to see here.


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