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Shocker, an SEC Coach Doesn’t Want to Play Nine Conference Games

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia

As SEC Media Days takes place this week, we continue to get reminded that the SEC wants to keep the media monopoly that they have on college football. One of the biggest shams the SEC has going is only playing eight conference games under the guise of, “Well the SEC is so difficult!”

They rarely, if ever, get called out for it, because well, ESPN and many in national media would rather kiss the SEC ring for access than call it straight.


The Big 12, along with the Big Ten and Pac-12, play nine conferences games. The SEC and ACC are still playing eight. But when asked at SEC Media Days on Tuesday about adding a conference game, Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops said he’s not in favor of expanding, adding, “I wonder if people watched last year. There were quite a few people that struggled. That’s how I feel.”

Color me shocked! Here’s the real reason for all of this: The eight-conference game schedule increases the SEC perception as they all ride Alabama’s coattails to then talk about how hard the SEC is. And if they go to a ninth conference game, half the conference will have one more loss and suddenly an 8-4 SEC team turns into a 7-5 SEC team and it may fall out of the Top 25 rankings, not “look as good” to the pollsters and voters, and the scam they are running will be exposed.

Maybe one day, someone other than us will call this out for what it is.

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