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An Oklahoma State Fan to Texas, Oklahoma: ‘Good Riddance, I’m Tired’

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Good riddance.

Surprising take?  Maybe.  But you know what? I don’t care.  Oklahoma and Texas can take their ball and leave.  See ya!  

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” 

And you know why I don’t care? I’m tired.

I’m tired of the Sooners.  I’m tired of being told the rest of the Big 12 Conference was holding them back.  I’m tired of strangers yelling “BOOMER” at me randomly in public because I’m wearing an OSU cap.  I’m tired of hearing about how only football matters when my Cowboys wax them in basically every other sport just for them all to suddenly turn into tennis fans when they happen to win a match.  I’m tired of the same two drunk guys standing on the balcony at Joe’s in Stillwater every other Bedlam yelling “hey where’s Heisman Park” to everyone who walks by.  


I’m tired of Texas, too.  Let’s not forget they started all of this years ago. They ran off Nebraska and Texas A&M.  Their bloated Longhorn Network has been an anchor around the neck of the Big 12.  The Horns have every advantage imaginable but can barely field a winning team, let alone compete with the likes of OU, Ohio State, Clemson, and the stack of powerhouses in the SEC them seem so eager to join.  Yet there they are every couple of years with a .500 record and a new coach but the same “pinky up” attitude towards the rest of the conference. 

The Big 12 hasn’t failed these two teams.  They’ve lived like Kings. 

How much different could things have been had Texas not alienated half the North Division of the old Big 12? Or if they could take all those 5-star players they recruit and make the College Football Playoff, or seriously challenge the Sooners?  Or what if OU could put up a fight in the College Football Playoff?  Sorry but having to play the likes of OSU and KSU in October, or the other sad sacks you don’t think are good enough for you here in the heartland isn’t why you got lambasted by LSU or gave up the big lead against Georgia.  You have as many Heisman winners and All-Americans and stud recruits as anyone else.  You have the second best coach in college after Nick Saban.  You just laid some eggs. It’s happens.  Own it.  

The way I see it those two made this bed.  But now they don’t like it?


Like a bad tenant, Texas trashed the place and now wants to move out.  Every decision they’ve made was to benefit them with no regard to anyone else because they knew no matter what they’d be fine.  They could go independent and still be one of the richest athletic departments in the country.  They grounded the rest of the conference under their heel just because they could.

And Oklahoma was no better. They have the power to stand up to Texas, but rarely did.  Instead they let them weaken the conference year after year and now that it’s become unlivable for the both of them they are going to run off together?  I’m not sure being tied to the selfishness of Texas is a great look.

At least the SEC money will be great.

The reason I’m not worried is my Cowboys will be fine.  The Big 12 won’t expand and pull in a bunch of teams like SMU and Memphis.  It will dissolve. I’ll be happy no matter if I’m watching 10 am kickoffs against North Carolina and Clemson in the ACC or 10 pm kickoffs against USC and Washington State in the Pac-16.  Football is football, baby!  I’m actually excited for some new blood.


The SEC can continue to “just mean more” and ESPN can fall all over them and they can get six of their teams in the new 12-team playoff that’s coming and the rest of us can do what we’ve done this whole time: not really care.

So maybe in a few years I’ll be walking though a parking lot and a Sooners fan will come up to me, or maybe a Texas fan approaches a TCU or Tech or Baylor fan, and as they look down on us from their high horse and start to explain how OU going 9-3 is better than winning the Big 12 every year, or how the Longhorns have a another new coach and will definitely be back this time, we can just tune it out and think about how much fun that trip to Corvallis for the Oregon State game is going to be, or how hyped we are for Florida State to come to town.  

Because that’s a great thing:  the rest of us don’t have to pretend to care about them anymore.


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