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If The Big 12 Fails, Does TCU Land in The Pac-12 or Somewhere Else?

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If Oklahoma and Texas leave and the Big 12 Conference falls apart and dies, what should the TCU Horned Frogs do next?

In 1909 TCU joined the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association and stayed there until 1922. Starting in 1923, the Horned Frogs became a part of the famous Southwest Conference and remained their all the way until 1995.

When the SWC broke up, TCU went to the WAC (1996-2000) before going to Conference USA. They would stay in Conference USA for only a few years until the Mountain West came calling in 2005. Then in 2012, the Horned Frogs got their big break joining a power five conference when they joined the Big 12 and have been here ever since. TCU has been a big part of the Big 12 since joining the conference but could that all come to an end if the Big 12 falls apart and dies?


Looking to the Pac-12

I would have never imagined TCU would be a school to head out west but here we are. There is a report from 247Sports Insider Jeremy Clark from late Thursday night that TCU, Baylor, and Texas Tech have already reached out to the Pac-12 to gauge interest. It seems like an odd fit for me, but it is wise for these three schools to try and partner together in much of it depends on how the conference feels about the addition. Is the Pac-12 feeling the heat to get to 16 schools? That’s where it looks like things are trending with the SEC forcing everyone’s hand in the race to 16-team conferences. The Big 12 has been a better conference athletically than the Pac-12, but with the way things are trending, if the Big 12 dissolves, then without a doubt, the Pac-12 is the most obvious and best bet for TCU.


Do Other Options Even Exist?

I am not sure how the Big Ten and ACC feel about TCU although I think the Horned Frogs have an intriguing program with a good market in the DFW area. Yes, I know TCU is a smaller, private school but having school in the DFW metro area should be attractive. I believe Kansas and Iowa State have better chances of getting into the Big Ten, and the ACC just seems like an odd fit for TCU. If there was some miraculous way the Big 12 could stay intact and add teams, I am sure TCU would probably stay put, but I doubt that happens. 

At this point, TCU is in the same boat along with eight other schools in the Big 12. They need to do what is best for TCU. The last thing the Horned Frogs should want is to go backwards by having to join a lesser conference like the AAC or even Conference-USA or the Mountain West, again. That is a worst-case scenario for the Horned Frogs. TCU needs to do everything in its power to stay in the “big leagues” and they have a pretty solid sales pitch to roll with, better than Baylor’s and Kansas State’s.

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