College Football Betting Strategies – How To Win

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Clemson

When we talk about football competitions in the US, the first one that immediately comes to mind is NFL. This is why most people who love sports betting typically opt to bet on NFL games. However, NFL events are not happening on a daily or weekly basis, so it’s natural for betting enthusiasts to look for other football competitions. A good alternative to NFL is college football betting. This is after all the same sport, it’s just that placing wagers might require a different strategy. Here we will provide some tips that will come in handy if you decide to bet on college football.  

Understand the Difference 

Even if you are essentially betting on the same sport, the difference will be noticeable right from the get-go. First of all the betting pool is significantly smaller, which really makes sense, as this is not as popular as NFL, and there aren’t as many users placing wagers. Moreover, the spreads are a lot bigger. You are probably used to seeing spreads that go up to 10 points max, well here they can be up to 40 or even 50 points. Finally, the game itself feels a lot different, given how these are really young players and are only playing in front of 90 or so people.   

Choosing Your Operator     

First of all, it’s perfectly legal to bet on college football and basketball for that matter. If it weren’t licensed and regulated operators wouldn’t offer these options. There are also online operators that allow you to place wagers on these games. This means it all comes down to picking a reliable operator. 

Another important thing to mention is that you can also place bets in an online casino, so long as they have that option, of course. Many bettors do so in fact, and they like to choose a 1$ deposit casino site for this purpose. This allows them to play other games like slots, poker, or roulette while waiting on the match, and they only need a single dollar to fund the account. So, if you have an account at an online casino and don’t have a single account with an online sportsbook, there is a chance you won’t even have to bother making one.  

Understanding the Odds  

Odds are undoubtedly a very important factor when it comes to betting. Without them, the whole thing would feel like taking blind guesses. It is why tools for aggregating data and analyzing data are so important for sportsbooks, as they are able to provide accurate odds for the users. However, if you know how these tools work, then you are immediately aware of the problem that it poses for college football. 

In the case of the NFL, the historic data available for gathering and analysis is more extensive and more valuable for that matter. College football is different, and players are rotating more frequently, some transfer to other schools, other quit football, etc. Moreover, relevant historic data is practically non-existent or useless, which means the generated odds are unreliable. The best thing to go about this problem is simply to follow how teams are performing throughout that particular year. Just ignore the outcomes of the past, because the chances are these are completely different teams.      


To sum up you will have to rely more on your gut feeling than on the odds available. Of course, if you are closely following the current college football scene, then you definitely have the edge and insight to come on top. Don’t get confused by big spreads as they are often expected in these types of matches, and don’t get frustrated of course. The betting pool might be smaller, but remember that you should do this for fun in the first place, not because you are after crazy winnings.  


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