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Is Kansas Basketball Closer to Finding Out Its NCAA Fate?

Is the Kansas Jayhawks’ basketball program a little closer to finding out its fate when it comes to the NCAA’s current investigation into its basketball program?

It looks like the NCAA is as frustrated with the pace of several investigations as many other college sports fans. On Thursday, reported the NCAA is changing how its Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP) works in order to speed up its investigations.

The IARP was designed to help produce an independent process for investigating NCAA infraction. But, as ESPN pointed out, since its founding in August of 2019, the IARP has yet to fully process a case. Some cases, like the one involving former Memphis basketball star James Wiseman, have been with the IARP for two years. Plus, the IARP has had just one hearing on its own, involving NC State.


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The IARP is investigating several programs related to the FBI probe of college basketball, including Kansas. The IARP’s findings and punishment are considered final and not up for appeal.

The changes, as approved by the Division I board on Wednesday are immediate. The IARP can now accept the investigative work of NCAA enforcement staff. The IARP must now also develop and publish a case timeline. That change may allow us to know when Kansas and its head coach, Bill Self, can expect to hear its fate.

Self and the Kansas program are accused of committing three Level I violations, which are the most severe the NCAA can hand out. This led to a responsibility charge against Self and a charge of lack of institutional control. Kansas ‘emphatically rejected’ the charges earlier last year

This case has dragged on for two years with no resolution. At some point, the IARP will hand down a ruling. Considering that his program faces Level 1 violations, there has always been some thought that Self could absorb a suspension or lose his job as a result. But, Self signed a lifetime contract with Kansas earlier this year.

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