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Billionaire’s Energy Company Sponsoring the Entire Texas Tech Offensive Line

Cody Campbell of Double Eagle Energy Holdings announced on Twitter Wednesday that Double Eagle is partnering “with each and every offensive lineman on the #Texas Tech roster!”

Campbell and his business partner, John Sellers, were featured several years ago in Bloomberg News as “Shalennials: CEOs Under 40 Making Millions in Texas Oil.” Campbell and Sellers reportedly sold 71,000 acres of mineral rights for $2.8 Billion in 2017.

Campbell’s Tweet announcing Double Eagle’s partnership with Texas Tech’s offensive line included photographs of three Tech linemen featuring Double Eagle’s logo along with the linemen’s signatures. No details of the partnership or what the financial benefits for the Tech’s offensive linemen would be were provided. 


Campbell holds three degrees from Texas Tech (two bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics and a master’s in finance), his parents and grandparents attended Tech, and his great grandfather was among Texas Tech’s original 914 students when the university first opened its doors and began offering undergraduate classes in the 1925-26 academic year.

Campbell was named by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Texas Tech’s Board of Regents in April of this year. 


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