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Anonymous Colorado Football Players Want to Rejoin the Big 12

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As conference realignment continues to be a topic of conversation around college football, what do players actually think?

The Denver Post talked with several Colorado football players anonymously, and at least a few talked about wanting to rejoin the Big 12 Conference.

One player told the Denver Post he would want to see the Buffaloes join the Big 12 Conference, adding, “It’s a little more personal, in a way. I feel the Big 12 is better than the Pac-12.”


Of the players who were polled here’s how the votes went down:

• Stay in Pac-12: 10 players

• Join Big Ten: 6 players

• Return to Big 12: 2 players

One player did rip the conference, saying, “The Big 12 stinks. And the Big Ten is just a different brand.” That player preferred to stay in the Pac-12.

But there were several pro-Big 12 comments, including:

“It’s a little more personal, in a way. I feel the Big 12 is better than the Pac-12.”

“It’s a lot closer to home for me.”

“I want to play all those Texas schools.”

Clearly the opinions are all over the map, and I’m even surprised any Colorado players wanted to go back to the Big 12, considering the last time the Buffaloes were in the Big 12, most of the current players were still in elementary school. Those match ups and rivalries are not things that likely come to mind for the players like they would more many old school Big 12 fans.

But in a world of college football that is changing with new reports every week, who knows what the future holds.

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