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Big 12 Sets Game Threshold Policy For 2021 Season

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor

As we approach kickoff in college football, there are still plenty of questions out there. With realignment talk stealing the headlines the last few weeks, we still have an ongoing issue with COVID-19.

Even as we look forward to a new season, COVID-19 is still out there and is still something conferences are monitoring carefully. Some conferences have made announcements regarding the issue, and it appears the Big 12 did the same o n Tuesday afternoon.


The Big 12 released the following statement: “The Big 12 Conference has set its game threshold policy for the upcoming season. In the event a Conference game is canceled due to a team not having enough student-athletes to compete (due to COVID-19 or for any reason), that team will forfeit and will be credited with a loss in the Conference standings. The opponent will be credited with a win in the Conference standings. Both teams will be deemed to have played the game for purposes of Conference standings only.

“A forfeit can be declared at any point before a completed contest, and when possible, would occur prior to the visiting team commencing travel. Additionally, if both teams are unable to compete, a No Contest would be declared and, if needed, an unbalanced tiebreaker would be utilized to determine Conference championship participants in football or championship seeding in other sports. The Commissioner retains discretion to declare a No Contest if extraordinary circumstances warrant.”

This did not come as a surprise to most since it as been hinted at that this was going to happen. For now, let’s all hope everyone stays healthy so we are able to play as much football as we can and not have to miss any games.

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