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Oklahoma State President Kayse Shrum Set to Visit With Boise State President on Expansion

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The Oklahoma State Cowboys are on the road Saturday night to take on Boise State, but there could be more than just a football game being played.

The Big 12 is just over a week removed from officially expanding by adding four teams in Cincinnati, Houston, BYU and UCF, but could there be more on the horizon? That’s been reported in recent days, and one of those teams that naturally is getting attention is Boise State.

On Friday night, voice of the Cowboys, Dave Hunziker, told K101 Radio in Woodward, Oklahoma, during their Friday Night Quick Scores program that Oklahoma State President Kayse Shrum is heading out to the Boise State game to visit with Boise State President Marlene Tromp, and expansion will be part of their discussion.


Hunziker said, “I know she [Dr. Shrum] is supposed to have a visit with their President to chat about [expansion] because I’m not sure expansion is done and Boise would probably be on that short list, if that were to happen. So yes, I think that conversation is going to occur.

While Shrum is new to her job at Oklahoma State, she has quickly proven herself as someone unafraid to speak up. She called out Oklahoma after their move to the SEC, and has been an outspoken advocate on behalf of Oklahoma State and the entire Big 12. She also shown zero interest in being deferential to the Sooners.

Last month, as part of a long Twitter thread, which was preceded by OU saying it wanted to continue the Bedlam rivalry, Shrum was non-committal, saying, “Many have asked about the future of Bedlam. We enjoy the intensity and tradition whenever we play OU in any sport. Right now, there are too many unknowns to determine what the future holds.”


Shrum even tweaked OU shortly after the expansion news, saying the Sooners “followed” Texas to the SEC.

Generally speaking, most of the remaining eight teams in the Big 12 have realized the league needs to be the aggressor, because for too long the conference has sat back and let the rest of the conferences dictate college football’s future, and twice in the past ten years it’s nearly resulted in the Big 12 ceasing to exist.

And if Dr. Shrum is part of the group that is actively trying to move the ball forward for the league, that’s a great thing for the Big 12 Conference.

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