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The Three Most-Anticipated New Big 12 Football Match Ups

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With Big 12 expansion only a couple of years away and the additions of Houston, UCF, Cincinnati, and BYU incoming, what are some future matchups between new school and old school Big 12 teams? 

We run down the list of our most-anticipated new Big 12 football match ups.

Houston vs. Any Texas School

If you ask a lot of old school Big 8, turned Big 12 fans, they aren’t fans of how the conference is dominated by the number of Texas schools within the conference. Now this is just one man’s thought, but, given the pageantry of college football it would be great to have a “Texas State Championship” of sorts. We see in-state rivalries all the time with trophies, but it would be fun to see whatever Texas school ends up with the best record against the other Texas schools end up with the “Lone Star” trophy (don’t jump on me about the trophy, it’s just an idea guys). Understandably, that is not likely to happen, but given Houston’s history, this will be a fun match up against Texas Tech, TCU or Baylor once they join the conference. It will feel like the old Southwest Conference.


BYU vs. Baylor

Both schools are very well known for being large religious institutions. Both schools also come with their fair share of controversies throughout the years. It comes off to this HCS writer as a matchup that could bring with it a lot of very intense games given the passion of both fan bases. This feels like a game that will have a lot of contests that have more than 60 points scored between the two teams. Oh and the great news is that they will play each other this season.

Iowa State vs. Cincinnati

These are the two northernmost schools within the new conference. Both will be kind of the black sheep of the conference given they aren’t air raid, they really focus on playing complimentary football by keeping their defense off the field as much as possible. Both teams love to run the ball down your throat with strong ground games. This is a game that most years will be low scoring, very disciplined football, just a knock-out, drag out kind of matchup. The bigger, tougher guy is going to win this matchup. Oh and add in Matt Campbell’s ties to the state of Ohio and sign me up for this one.


There are obviously more matchups that could be discussed and a lot of other fun ones at that. The Big 12 is expanding, and maybe you are excited about that, maybe you aren’t. With that said, the Big 12 has done a wonderful job of picking out the schools they want to add to the conference. All of those programs coming in are exciting, fun brands of football to watch that the fanbase will grow to love.

Who knows what is yet to come here in the future, as according to some Big 12 sources, the Big 12 could be looking to expand even more. If you ask me, I would personally love to see the additions of the Arizona schools, maybe Boise State, and bring Colorado back. Not that this would happen, but darn it, I want Nebraska back. The Big 10 doesn’t want them, and we love to hate them. Bob Bowlsby, make it happen. Please. I want to see Nebraska/Colorado again, Iowa State/Nebraska, and sign me up for K-State/Nebraska. There are so many fun matchups that could be had, and we, the fans of the Big 12, just want to see them.


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