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Spencer Rattler’s Dad on Son’s Future at Oklahoma: ‘We’re Leaving Our Options Open’

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Will he stay or will he go? That’s the question surrounding Spencer Rattler in Norman, Oklahoma right now.

Rattler was benched against Texas and true freshman Caleb Williams came into the game and led a comeback for the ages against the Longhorns to win 55-48.

 This was supposed to be Spencer Rattler’s big year. Coming into the season, he was the Heisman Trophy favorite and a shoe-in to become one of the top picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

But now, he might be the back up quarterback by the halfway mark of the season. So what does that mean for his future at OU?


Well Rattler’s father was interviewed by OU Daily, and Mike Rattler said,

“For right now, he’s focused on working for this team, and we’ll see what happens after Jan. 10. Hopefully he’ll be playing in the national championship on Jan. 10, and then after that we’ll evaluate where he is as far as if any teams are interested in him in the NFL, we’ll consider that.

If we think, ‘Hey, you know what, we may ought to do another year or something at Oklahoma, wherever’… we’re leaving our options open whereas that is concerned, but for the most part, right now, we don’t even talk about it, because he’s got a task at hand to deal with.”

No matter what happens, Riley said he “fully expects” both quarterbacks to finish the season with Oklahoma.

Riley addressed his local media in Norman on Tuesday and had a lengthy answer on this topic, saying, “So, there’s never any guarantees. I mean you can’t predict the future, but I would fully expect to have both those guys, the entire season. I would. Again, I know there’s never 100% but I think both those guys are pretty committed to this football team. I think it’s a factor. I think, as you plan long term, it is. I think what we’ve tried to preach with our guys especially in the middle of the season, I mean one is your commitment level to this place and then these opportunities pop up … I could go through 50 guys right now of guys that maybe an opportunity didn’t show and then all of a sudden, bam, here you go. But I think our point to these guys has been as this question has been brought up, I’m not talking about the quarterback just the team in general, has been what is the advantage for leaving midseason?”

We’ll wait to see what happens this weekend against TCU, as the decision as to who starts Saturday could go a long way to determining Rattler’s future with the Sooners.

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