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Kansas Football is Welcoming Fans Into Oklahoma Game for Free in the Second Half

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Kansas

The Oklahoma Sooners went to Lawrence, Kansas to take on the Kansas Jayhawks as 38.5-point favorites. But in the third quarter, Oklahoma is trailing Kansas 17-7.

And with KU trying to pull off the upset, they’re trying to get as many fans into Memorial Stadium for the second half as they can.

First reports came down that the KU radio broadcast announced that the gates to the stadium are open and there is no ticket needed to get into the game at this point. Then, this tweet from KU Athletics confirmed it for all thinking it was too good to be true.


Without having any idea of how often this has ever happened around college football, it’s an absolutely fantastic idea from KU athletics. Get as many students into that stadium for a memory they’ll never forget (if KU holds on for the victory).

It’s the kind of win that can turn the tide of a program. I think back to 2017 when Iowa State was a 30+ point underdog at OU and Matt Campbell along with QB Kyle Kempt led the Cyclones to a victory in a game that arguably turned the tide of Iowa State football.

I’m not predicting that quick of a turnaround for Lance Leipold and KU, they still have a much longer road ahead, but it can still make a big difference in building a program going forward.

Let’s see how this plays out.


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