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Watch: Matt Campbell Helps Escort Spencer Sanders as Iowa State Fans Storm the Field

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Iowa State

Some of you will just say this is Matt Campbell butt-kissing. And you know what, it may be. But considering we live in a world where the negative is always the focus, in sports and in life, any chance to share and showcase the positive is one we will grab onto.

After Iowa State’s 24-21 win over Oklahoma State on Saturday, Cyclones fans stormed the field. I made my feelings felt in this week’s podcast (subscribe to it on iTunes here) about how you can’t storm the field when you were Preseason Top 10 and a seven-point favorite in the game (and no, I’m not an old man Boomer), but you can listen to more of that in this week’s Week 8 reaction podcast.


But regardless, ISU fans stormed the field. And this awesome video of Matt Campbell finding Oklahoma State QB Spencer Sanders on the field, giving him some positive words, and then helping him off the field to make sure there weren’t any issues is the kind of stuff you love to see. It also is one of those moments that makes you realize why Matt Campbell is made for college football and everything that the sport entails.

Here’s the video.

In many ways, that entire video is college football at its best. The fans storming the field after a huge win, a coach sharing advice and wisdom with an opposing player, said coach escorting the player off the field, and then, last but not least, an embrace between the two coaches to wrap up the video.

I know I’m biased, but if you can’t watch this and realize college football is the best sport in the world, then I don’t know how I can help you. That being said, we can still be friends. Maybe.

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