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Big 12 Football Fact or Fiction Friday: Week 9

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Florida vs Oklahoma

Welcome to Fact or Fiction Friday. Each Friday I give you the opportunity to ask the most intriguing questions in the Big 12 Conference and I will tell you whether they come true or if they are set to fail. Let’s crack it open and see what we have in store this week.

Will Texas Average 7 wins a season in the SEC?

Fact: Once Texas bolts to the SEC seven wins is realistic per year. In fact, that should be the case now instead of people thinking they are going to win the Big 12 every year or compete for a conference title. 7-5 is doable even in the almighty SEC and while the Longhorns may struggle early on, seven wins should be no problem once they get settled in, especially since the SEC only plays eight conference games. Although I do wonder how many head coaches will come through Austin in the next ten years.


Will Oklahoma State Linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez Will play on Sundays?

Fact: Malcom Rodriguez is a tackling machine, and he leads the entire Big 12 in tackles this season. He is a sure tackler and has a nose for the football at all times. He may not be the physical athletic freak NFL scouts drool over, but I do believe he will make an NFL roster next year.

Will Oklahoma DC Alex Grinch get fired?

Fiction: Do you remember how dreadful things were prior to Alex Grinch’s arrival in Norman? Mike Stoops was fired after the Texas game and within one year, Alex Grinch made defensive strides that were never going to happen under Mike. In 2019, Oklahoma went from having the worst defense in the Big 12 to the best. The Sooners also had a solid defense last season and at times played well this year. I know they are in a funk right now, but they are extremely banged up in the secondary. Once they get some guys healthy, they should be better, but I totally get why people are questioning Alex Grinch right now. This defense was supposed to be elite and that hasn’t been the case this season, but I don’t think he will be fired.


Is Neal Brown doing a great job at West Virginia?

Fiction: Neal Brown is doing a below average job at West Virginia. By no means is he doing a great job because this is year three and the Mountaineers will be lucky to get to six wins this season. West Virginia has a Big 12 record of 8-13 since Brown took over and they have yet to look like a Big 12 title contender over the last three years. In fact, I would say that they haven’t even been close to being a conference title contender at all. The biggest issue I have had with Neal Brown is the quarterback position. This is the third year in a row where they don’t have a guy who can go out and win them some games or put the offense on his back when needed. Maybe that will change once Jarret Doege is gone but there is still a ton of work to be done in Morgantown. They need a quarterback change but there are also other issues on the team as well.

Will Texas Tech go to a bowl game?

Fiction: If Texas Tech would have taken care of business last weekend against Kansas State, we wouldn’t even need to ask this question and Matt Wells would still have a job. The Red Raiders have four games left against Oklahoma, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Baylor. They won’t be favored in any of those games, and I would have a tough time seeing them knock off one of those four teams. I’m sorry Tech fans but it looks like it will be another 5-7 season in Lubbock, but the good news is that someone new will get a chance to turn the program around.

Does Pete Mundo Hate Baylor?

Fiction: Pete Mundo doesn’t hate any Big 12 team even if you think he hates yours. I am one to call things like I see it and I know Pete is the exact same way. When a team is playing bad, he won’t sugar coat it and if a team is playing well, he will give them credit. Sometimes it is hard to judge these teams early in the season due to scheduling and by late October and early November, we have a much better idea of who these teams actually are. So no, Pete doesn’t hate your team just because he isn’t wearing your school’s jersey or holding the foam finger up. Just give it a little time.

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