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Mike Gundy Analyzes Thanksgiving Dinner

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Iowa State

Whether you wear crimson or orange, it’s hard not to love Mike Gundy. Yesterday, during his Monday press conference, Gundy broke the news that he prefers ham to turkey on Thanksgiving, but it’s mainly all about the sides. Cayden McFarland from KJRH Tulsa posted the commentary on Twitter:

He’s absolutely right; the sides that come out for Thanksgiving are withheld from us for the rest of the year and that is a tragedy. The fact that it is wrong for me to request a sweet potato casserole outside of November is an absolute injustice to society. Who made these rules?


The hard truth that Gundy shares about cooking and cleaning at home is something we all live with; it’s just easier to let Braum’s do all of that for you and enjoy the meal without all the mess. I personally enjoy a home-cooked meal over fast food 10 times out of 10, but it’s not always possible with the pace that life sets for us. However, that’s the beauty of Thanksgiving. Once a year, we gather as a family and enjoy the company of the people that we love. When you couple that with great food and a full slate of football on a Thursday, you have my favorite holiday of the year.

While we’re on the topic, can you people quit putting your Christmas lights up the day after Halloween? The day after Thanksgiving? Fine. But let me enjoy my Thanksgiving music before we start blasting the Christmas Carols.

“Should be a fun week!” Yes, Mike, yes it will be. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will clash on Saturday night in Stillwater with College Football Playoff dreams on the line.

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