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Four Thoughts on Tuesday Night’s College Football Playoff Rankings

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The month of November brings many things in the world of college sports. College Football is in full swing, the start of college basketball begins and then of course we get the College Football Playoff Rankings every Tuesday night.

There have been plenty of head scratching moments from the playoff committee on a weekly basis so I thought it would be fun to share my four thoughts on this week’s playoff rankings.


1. Cincinnati Has a Legitimate Chance

For the first time in the history of these College Football Playoff rankings, a group of five team has made the top four. The Bearcats crack the top four after putting a beatdown on SMU this past weekend. Their lopsided win impressed the committee and even got some praise from College Football Playoff Chairman Gary Barta saying “We’ve had a lot of respect for Cincinnati all year. We’ve certainly talked about their strength of schedule. This win against SMU, when we were looking at the way they played offensively and defensively, they came in at No. 4.” If Cincinnati wins out, they appear to have a legitimate chance at making the playoff with a potential matchup against a top 25 team for the AAC title.

2. Can Oklahoma State get in?

Speaking of getting into the playoff, what about Oklahoma State? The Cowboys jump up two spots this week and are sitting at number seven. Oklahoma State has a chance to beat two top ten teams if everything falls their way. They get Oklahoma this weekend at home and if they win that one, they will likely play Baylor in the Big 12 championship game. If they can win out, then I genuinely believe they should be able to earn a spot in the top four. Only two times in the history of the playoff has a number seven team at this point made it into the top four. Those two teams were Oklahoma (2017) and Georgia (2019).


3. Baylor has no chance getting in

Even if Baylor wins out and wins a Big 12 title in the process, they won’t make the cut for the playoff. The Bears already have two losses and there is no way the committee will put in a two loss Big 12 champion. If Alabama loses and sits there with two losses, I guarantee they would still get in over a two loss Baylor team. As much as I hate to admit that it is true and recent history would also back that up as no team ranked outside the top seven at this late point in the season has moved into the four-team field after the conference championship games.

4. The Pac-12 is done

For the last two weeks, I have been questioning the committee’s decision to keep Oregon in the top four. The Ducks beat the Buckeyes earlier in the year and got a free pass for losing to a bad Stanford team. Even with that ugly loss to a 3-8 Stanford team, the committee felt the need to keep them above Ohio State to prop up the Big Ten. Well, that all came crashing down this weekend and the Pac-12 has no chance at making the playoff. For those who are counting, this makes the fifth straight year that the Pac-12 misses out.

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