What is Available with Sports Betting

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Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in existence. Many people who enjoy sports also like to enhance their viewing with a few bets on sporting events. However, what many people don’t understand is what exactly is available when betting on sports.  

A lot of people think that it’s just a case of betting on the winner of the game and that’s all there is to it. There’s a lot more available to players than just that and we’ve looked at some of the other options that are available.  


A parlay bet is basically when you choose several different single match selections and then combine them all together to form a single bet. So, for example if you chose three of the best college football bets today and put them into a parlay, it would create a single bet that had better odds than each individual game. With better odds obviously there comes a little bit more risk, as if any of your betting choices lose then your entire bet loses.  

The way that a parlay works is essentially automatically betting and re-staking on each game. So in your three college football bets the parlay places your initial stake on the first game. If it wins then it will take the winnings and stake them on the second game. If that also wins it will take the winnings and stake them on the final game. The games can all be at the same time, they don’t have to be at different times, the re-staking will just take place once the games are over in order to work out the pay-out. 

This is one of the most popular ways for people to increase the odds when placing a bet. For example, if you want to bet on the favorites but the odds are very low, you might combine three instances of the favorites winning together to create better overall odds in a parlay. 

There’s no limit to how many games you can place in your parlay, but obviously the more games that you choose, the higher the risk and the harder it is for your bet to win.  

Over/Under Markets 

This is one of the most popular markets that’s out there at the moment. It allows players the opportunity to place a wager on whether a specific stat within the game will be over or under a certain value. 

An example of this could be the total number of points scored in a Basketball game. If you’re choosing the over/under sports betting market then you might place a bet on the total number of points being over 135.5.  

In this case if the total number of points scored is 136 then the bet is won. If it is 135 then the bet is lost. It’s relatively simple to understand in terms of how it works, but it offers a lot of hidden value to players. This is because research allows players to understand what is likely to take place with over/under markets more than any other market.  

It doesn’t guarantee a win of course, but it does give you a better chance of grabbing one. It doesn’t have to be the total points scored either. It can be first half points, penalties against or any other stat that is recorded. Just check what your sportsbook has to offer and then you will be able to look over the best over/under market for your needs. 


This is a market that is often overlooked by sports bettors. Here players can place a bet on what will happen at the end of a tournament or league. So, for example at the start of the NHL season you might place a wager on the Rangers to make it to the playoffs. Because it’s at the start of the season and nothing has happened yet it will generally have much better odds than if you placed a bet on the Rangers to make the playoffs near the end of the season when they are close to getting there.  

It doesn’t have to be based on how a team performs either. It can be on anything in the game. You could bet on who will finish top scorer in the league, who will be the MVP or even who will win rookie of the year. The outrights market offers a unique opportunity to get some fantastic odds, which will give you added enjoyment over the whole season rather than just a single game. 

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