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Watch: Lincoln Riley Arrives in Los Angeles

NCAA Football: Houston at Oklahoma

What a 24-hour period it has been in college football, and especially for those surrounding the Oklahoma program.

Sooner Fans, turn your heads or keep scrolling. Lincoln Riley has stepped onto the tarmac in LA in Cardinal and Gold and it just doesn’t look right.

Here is the video from USC Football:


Since losing to Oklahoma State in Bedlam on Saturday night, Riley has been on quite the adventure. During his postgame interview, he claimed he was “not the next head coach at LSU”, which wasn’t a lie (technically), and Sooner fans were left to just mourn a tough loss to their in-state rivals. Then, Sunday, rumors started to circle that USC was going to try and make a run at him, to which everyone rolled their eyes collectively until it actually happened. Now, the Riley family is living it up in sunny Southern California, and Oklahoma is scrambling to keep everyone from jumping ship in Norman.

The pandemonium doesn’t stop there, as several of Riley’s staff are gone as well, and leaves half a coaching staff and interim head coach Bob Stoops (yes, that Bob Stoops) to pick up the pieces. Isn’t college football wonderful?

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