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Steve Wiltfong Says Lane Kiffin Would be ‘Perfect Fit’ at Oklahoma

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247Sports’ Director of Recruiting, Steve Wiltfong, has the answer to the Oklahoma coaching search. Brent Venables? Nope. Matt Rhule? Huh-uh. It’s time to hop on the Lane Train because Wiltfong’s “perfect fit” for the vacancy in Norman is none other than Lane Kiffin, the head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels.

During the latest episode of the 247Sports Football Recruiting Podcast, Wiltfong had this to say about Kiffin and the Sooners:


“Oklahoma’s gotta go get Lane Kiffin,” Wiltfong said. “I think that’s a plug-and-play move right there. Lane Kiffin fits the style that Oklahoma’s been recruiting to for the most part. They’re making the move to the SEC, and I think Lane Kiffin, he once made a move from a program that people would have considered ‘destination’ and left. I think that if Oklahoma could get Lane Kiffin, and it’s the right marriage, maybe it’s a long one, too. So I would be excited about Lane Kiffin for Oklahoma and I think he’s a perfect fit for the Sooners.”

Blair Angulo, the host of the podcast, said that Wiltfong likes chaos and that was his underlying motive for Kiffin to OU. Wiltfong denied that claim and explained his reasoning further.

“I actually don’t because it adds more recruiting twists and turns, and I don’t like any of that,” Wilftong said. “But since we’re talking about it, I think Lane Kiffin would be great for Oklahoma and then I don’t know who I would put at Ole Miss. I mean Lane Kiffin’s perfect for Ole Miss, obviously. But I think he’d be awesome at Oklahoma.”

Unless Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione is going to shock the world (which he has been known to do) Lane Kiffin to Norman seems like a longshot.

But hell, a week ago Lincoln Riley to USC seemed like a longshot, so what do I know?

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