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Oklahoma’s Isaiah Thomas Calls Out Lincoln Riley on USC Instagram

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It’s been a chaotic 72 hours in Norman and the departure of Lincoln Riley and half of his staff has led to a divided locker room. There have been several players, namely offensive ones, that have come out in support of Riley and his decision, wishing him the best on his new venture. Several players have decommitted or entered the transfer portal, others have come out and said that nothing has changed, they’re still Sooners. Needless to say, there are a lot of emotions surrounding the program right now.

Defensive End Isaiah Thomas, a senior from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is one player who has been a little more outspoken than the rest about his feelings towards Lincoln Riley and his departure.


USC Football’s official site posted a quote from Riley on Instagram when he spoke of USC, saying, “this is going to be the mecca of college football.”

Thomas responded directly to the quote, saying, “[He] told us that last week.”

Here is a screenshot of the post and response from Instagram:

It’s hard to blame this reaction, especially with the suddenness of everything surrounding Riley’s departure. Especially if the rumors of him being “one foot out the door” for weeks are true.

Obviously, Thomas has had enough of the Riley situation, as have many players and fans around the University of Oklahoma. Unfortunately, this will be one of the biggest stories in college football all week, and since the Sooners won’t be playing this weekend there isn’t much to distract them from what’s going on in LA with their former head coach.

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