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Barry Switzer Shares His Love For Bob Stoops

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There are four legendary coaches in Oklahoma football lore, and their first names all start with the letter “B”. Bennie Owen. Bud Wilkinson. Barry Switzer. Bob Stoops. The latter two, Switzer and Stoops, are still integral parts of the Sooners football program, and as of recently, Stoops is officially a member of it as an interim head coach. Those two men love the Oklahoma program dearly and spent a combined 33 years helping build it into what it is today.

Yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of Bob Stoops being named head coach at Oklahoma, and next week he will be inducted into the college football hall of fame. His mentor and friend, Barry Switzer, took to Twitter yesterday and showed his appreciation for Stoops for stepping up for the University in its hour of need.


Switzer posted a picture of Stoops with a couple of fans with this caption:

“Bob Stoops last night at Chili’s in Broken Arrow recruiting for OU. Today he was in Lubbock, Texas. . . . People laugh for some reason, but they’d give anything to have a HOF coach so dedicated and loyal to their university that he will stop everything going on in his life in a second and go balls to the wall for them. Bob Stoops isn’t doing this for the money, he’s made plenty of it. He’s doing it because he loves the University of Oklahoma. Bob Stoops exemplifies what it is to be loyal and dedicated to something you love. Sooner Nation loves you, Coach Stoops!!!”

He is right, there is no reason for Bob Stoops to be doing this for money, the man has made plenty of it and is not getting compensated much for a job that has a moving timeline.

Stoops dropped his golf clubs and picked up that iconic visor again because he has a deep connection with the program. It’s his life’s work. He picked up the pieces that he inherited in 1998 and rebuilt a national power in college football. He took a once-proud team out of a decade of losing and underachievement and set it forward into two decades of winning and consistency. Bob Stoops is a program guy, and this is his program.

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