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Watch: Brian Kelly Fakes Southern Accent at LSU Basketball Game


Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can’t buy you a southern accent. Just ask Brian Kelly, who just left Notre Dame and took the head coaching job at LSU. And despite having a new $100 million deal, he can’t fake his way through the southern accent he attempted to put on when being introduced to LSU fans during a basketball game this week.

Here’s the video of Kelly talking to the LSU faithful.


That is so cringe. So, so cringe.

Here’s what I want to know: Did Brian Kelly go rogue in thinking this was a good idea? Was he advised on this? Whoever came to the conclusion this would sound genuine and be appealing to the LSU fans should be re-evaluating their decision making in life.

By comparison, here is what Brian Kelly sounded like less than two weeks ago.


For context, Brian Kelly’s entire life has been north of the Mason-Dixon Line. He grew up in Massachusetts and has spent his entire life coaching in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Here’s a memo to Brian Kelly: NO one in Louisiana will care if you sound like them if you win football games, SEC Titles and National Championships. You could go down to Baton Rouge and speak Chinese, but if you accomplished those things, they’d be happy campers.

Let’s hope he isn’t breaking this one out on the recruiting trail. Those Louisiana parents are going to sniff him out as the fraud he’s already apparently pretending to be.

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