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Big 12 Refs Under Fire for Baylor Forward Pass Call in Big 12 Championship

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State and Baylor are squaring off in the Big 12 Championship Game, and it hasn’t been without some controversy.

In the second quarter, Oklahoma State’s defense came swarming in on Baylor QB Blake Shapen, who flicked the ball to his right, in what looked like a backwards pass, which meant a fumble, and it was recovered by Oklahoma State.

However, the Big 12 refs called it a forward pass on the field and then after a review they ruled that the “play stands”.


Here’s a look at the play.

Since Baylor got the ball back, it turned out to be a huge swing, as Baylor scored a touchdown a couple plays later to take a 21-3 lead over Oklahoma State.

Needless to say, Oklahoma State fans were not happy on social media with the call.


No word yet on whether or not Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is looking to fine or suspend these fans from watching Big 12 football games going forward.

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