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Five Thoughts on the 2021-22 Big 12 Bowl Schedule

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Stanford vs Texas Christian

The end of the season is here and with conference championship weekend in the books, it is time for the college football bowl season. Some teams will be heading to NY6 bowls while others will be going elsewhere. We have a total of seven Big 12 teams make the postseason and here are my five thoughts on the Big 12’s bowl games.

1. Despite no CFB Playoff game, Two NY6 Bowl Games Are Great

There is no easy way to say it, but having no Big 12 team in the College Football Playoff sucks. It’s a fantastic way for the conference to get some respect and have something to brag about. It’s been two years since a Big 12 team made a playoff appearance which seems like a long time unless you’re the Pac-12. Despite no playoff game, having Baylor and Oklahoma State play on New Year’s Day is a big deal. It’s the best thing you can ask for if you aren’t able to get a team into the top four. Now while it is great for the conference, they also need Baylor and Oklahoma State to win the Sugar and Fiesta Bowl to end the season on a high note for themselves and the Big 12.


2. Welcome to San Antonio, Oklahoma

Since the Alamo Bowl started in 1993, the Oklahoma Sooners are one of three Big 12 teams who have never played in San Antonio. Why? Well, usually Oklahoma isn’t available for the Alamo Bowl to pick from due to the fact that they normally are either in the playoff or playing on New Year’s Day. But that is not the case this year as it will be the first time since 2014 that they will be playing in what I call a normal bowl game. I know this is not where the Sooners thought they would be back before the season started but enjoy San Antonio. Grab a margarita and some great Tex-Mex as you celebrate the hiring of Brent Venables. Oh, and Bob Stoops will be coaching so that should be exciting as well.

3. Beat the Blue Bloods

It’s not often you see Big 12 teams take on college football blue bloods unless they are playing in a NY6 bowl, but we are fortunate enough to have two teams get that chance. Iowa State is playing Clemson in Orlando for the Cheez-It Bowl while Kansas State faces LSU at the Texas Bowl down in Houston.

Even though Clemson is not a title contender, they still are a talented team who had a down year. The same goes for the Cyclones. They were also a talented team who should have been playing for a Big 12 title this season. It’s going to be interesting to see how these two take a go at it. Also, does Clemson show up for this game?

The same goes for the Texas Bowl. This will be Skylar Thompson’s last game in a Kansas State uniform. The Wildcats ended they regular season on a sour note but a win here against an unmotivated LSU team could put a nice bow on the season and send Skylar off with a big win. Plus, a win against an SEC team is always fun.


4. The Leach Bowl should be interesting

Never in a million years would I imagine myself looking forward to the Liberty Bowl but here we are. Normally when these lower tier bowl games are announced they don’t have a ton of excitement but that is not the case here. Texas Tech will be facing their former head coach when they take on Mike Leach and Mississippi State.

I am here for all the Mike Leach talk and I have my popcorn ready because when he opens his mouth, I am listening.

Here was Leach’s brief tweet after the announcement.

Give me all the madness that is Mike Leach, and I am waiting for him to take shots at his former school. Memphis should be a fun place on December 28th.


5. No Texas, no problem

By now we should be all used to the Longhorns not making a bowl game considering the fact that it has happened three times in the last seven years. While it is always good to have as many bowl teams as possible for the conference, despite Texas not making it we still have a great slate of bowl games to look forward to. I mentioned almost all of the bowl games already and to me, they all seem like some great match ups. The conference will face off against three SEC teams which is a big deal. If the Big 12 is able to win all three then it will be because the SEC teams didn’t want to be there. If they SEC wins those bowl games, then it is because the SEC is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Either way, the SEC will have an excuse and, in their eyes, the Big 12 isn’t any good so I hope we can change the narrative a bit so the national media can shut up.

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