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Oklahoma Senator Has Found an Interesting Way to Honor Lincoln Riley

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It’s only been a little over a week since Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma for the USC job. While the Sooners have found their new man in charge, that doesn’t mean that some people have forgiven Lincoln for what he has done.

There has been plenty of great memes and tweets about Lincoln, but nothing has topped what is currently happening in the state of Oklahoma. Under a proposed bill, three inches of desolate highway are to be named ‘Lincoln Riley Highway.’  Sen. Bill Coleman has requested legislation to properly honor the former coach.

“I felt the state of Oklahoma needed an appropriate goodbye to this former head coach whose sudden departure left many in shock, including a team of young, dedicated college players,” Coleman said. The bill request asks to name the last three inches of the westbound lane of State Highway 325 in the panhandle as the ‘Lincoln Riley Highway.’


“I found the tiniest section of our most desolate of highways to pay tribute to Coach Riley’s exit from Oklahoma football and the state. This is only fitting as this is the last three inches one sees before leaving our great state heading west,” Coleman said. The bill could become law during the legislature’s next session that convenes Feb. 7.

No matter where you stand on the whole Lincoln Riley situation, it is safe to say that there are still plenty of upset people in state of Oklahoma.

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