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OU AD Joe Castiglione Responds to Bob Bowlsby Criticism

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Bob Bowlsby and the rest of the Big 12 have been critical of Oklahoma and Texas for their departure for the SEC and the suddenness of their decision to leave the conference they have called home since its creation in 1994. The rival schools have argued that their desires haven’t been met by the conference for years and that the writing has been on the wall for a while now.

Recently, Bob Bowlsby has publically criticized both Oklahoma and Texas for their decision. During an interview back in October with Brian Davis of the Austin American-Stateman, Bowlsby showed a little bit of his pent up aggression towards the exiting parties:


“They’re thinking they’re going to recruit better and they’re going to get more money,” Bowlsby said. “Anybody that thinks Texas’ football problems have been a result of league affiliation are completely delusional.”

Despite his anger with the schools, Bowlsby said he can get over their differences and work with them while they remain in his conference:

“I have to get over the sense of personal betrayal and do what’s necessary for our eight continuing members,” Bowlsby said. “And that’s what we did. … We’re going to have to find ways to get along. We have to work together, and we will. But I would say trust is at a relative low.”

Eric Bailey of the Tulsa World asked Bowlsby in a different interview about his relationship with Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione:


“Joe has been a longtime colleague and friend, and you know, we will work together because we have to,” Bowlsby said. “But friendships are based on trust. And I would say trust is at an all-time low.”

Fast forward to Wednesday, December 8th, and the questions are still coming, as they will until the divorce is finalized.

Joe Castiglione was asked about Bowlsby’s public criticism and OU and Texas’s move to the SEC and this was his response, provided by Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated:

One thing is certain: we will never know how much, or how long, this was discussed behind closed doors. Nobody involved will disclose that information, and at the end of the day, divorces rarely end with both parties being happy. Only time will tell who that will be, but early returns would suggest that Bowlsby will get the last laugh.

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