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Pro Football Focus: The Beef With Iowa State RB Breece Hall Continues

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When Breece Hall walked off the field for the final time last season, he not only left as a Fiesta Bowl champion but also college football’s leading rusher. In a shortened 2020 season, Breece managed to rush for over 1,500 yards and 21 touchdowns.

He ended up not only being named an All-American but also the Big 12 offensive player of the year.


Fast forward to this season and Breece was able to produce similar results. While he didn’t lead the nation in rushing, he did manage to be the leading rusher of the Big 12 this year with 1,472 yards and 23 total touchdowns. Once again for the second year in a row, he was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year as well as an All-American.

Anyone in their right mind could clearly see that Breece Hall isn’t just the best running back in the Big 12 but one of the best backs in the entire country. However, one certain website didn’t see it that way.

Now we can welcome in Pro Football Focus, the leading site when it comes to grading players. While they put Breece Hall in their first team All-Big 12 back in 2020, they weren’t so kind to Breece this offseason.

Back in March, PFF tweeted this out.


Not only was Breece left off the list, but they put in two other Big 12 running backs ahead of him. Then, when it came to ranking the top five players in the conference, once again Breece Hall’s name was nowhere to be found.

However, the disrespect didn’t stop there. Back in July, PFF came out with their top 50 players in college football. Nine Big 12 players ended up cracking the top 50 but Breece Hall’s name was once again left off.


Despite being the leading Big 12 rusher this season once again, PFF not only left Breece Hall off their first team All-Big 12 team but they also left him off the second team as well. They put Breece on the third team for whatever reason. I understand Pro Football Focus has their own unique grading system but at what point do we consider the system a letdown?

Open your eyes PFF, Breece Hall isn’t just the best running back in the Big 12 but the entire country. You don’t need a grading system to see that. Just watch the games and you’ll know who the best running back is.

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