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Watch: USC Football Trolls Oklahoma Fans for Christmas on TikTok

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia

If only Oklahoma and USC could meet on the football field in 2022. That would be a Christmas gift to me, and to millions of other college football fans.

Of course, the bad blood between the two schools is new ever since Lincoln Riley decided to leave Oklahoma for USC. And with Christmas this weekend, the USC football account trolled Oklahoma fans on their TikTok account.

USC had a picture of Riley, with the caption, “Unrealistic things we want for Christmas”, followed by another picture of Riley, with the caption, “For Oklahoma fans to leave us alone”.


Here’s the video.

It’s not that creative or clever, frankly. And while OU fans are going to be pissed off fans, doesn’t this look petty coming from the official USC football account?

And if only USC put the kind of energy into the football team as they did their social media trolling game, they might have more than one conference title in the last 13 years.

But who are we to judge? Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.


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