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Watch: Lane Johnson, Terence Steele Score Big Man Touchdowns on Sunday

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It doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for when a man over 300-pounds scores a touchdown everyone wins. The “Big Man Touchdown” is a rare occurrence in the NFL, and should be celebrated to the fullest extent when it happens.

On Sunday, December 26th, 2021, a Christmas miracle occurred: We got two Big Man Touchdowns, and they are both former players from the Big 12.


The first Christmas miracle belonged to Lane Johnson, former Oklahoma right tackle and three-time Pro Bowler with the Philadelphia Eagles. On a 2nd-and-goal play-action fake, Johnson slipped out into the curl/flat area of the field as an eligible receiver and was wide open for the score.

Here’s a look at Johnson’s moment of glory.

Johnson actually played quarterback, tight end, and defensive end before landing at right tackle at Oklahoma. It’s safe to say that he found the position he belongs in at right tackle, but it appears he never lost the ball skills from his JUCO years.

The second Big Man Score of the day actually came from the Eagles’ NFC East rival, the Dallas Cowboys. Terence Steele, former Texas Tech Red Raider and starting Cowboys right tackle, had a similar play to Johnson’s: block for “two-Mississippi” on the play-action fake and get out into space. It worked.

Steele was an undrafted free agent for Dallas in 2020 and has appeared in 30 games over two years, starting in 26 of them. If something happens at right tackle, the 6’6″ 310-pounder could have a future at tight end from the looks of it, but I would bet on him staying put after his play through this point of the season.

Steele and Johnson’s teams will face off in two weeks when the Cowboys and Eagles face off in Philadelphia, with a potential playoff spot for the Eagles on the line.

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