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Watch: New Texas Tech Coach Joey McGuire Fires Up Red Raiders Fans At Liberty Bowl

joey mcguire press conference

The Liberty Bowl is set to kick off on Tuesday afternoon between Texas Tech and Mississippi State in Memphis, Tennessee. Thousands of Tech fans are there to say goodbye to the 2021 team, but also look ahead to what’s to come in 2022.

There’s a lot of excitement around the Tech program right now with Joey McGuire, the long-time Texas high school coach and former Baylor assistant, hired to become the next head coach in Lubbock. He replaces Matt Wells who didn’t even finish three full seasons in Lubbock.


But when you compare the styles of these two coaches, it’s night and day. Here’s just one example: Joey McGuire is in Memphis to cheer on the Red Raiders, and he showed up to a pep rally on Monday where he fired up the entire Texas Tech crowd.

Here’s the video:

As nice of a guy as Matt Wells seems to be, he never connected with the Tech faithful. Heck, Joey McGuire has connected more with Tech fans in a few weeks than Matt Wells did in nearly three years. In what may have been one of the final nails in Matt Wells’ coffin was this comment where he couldn’t name one thing he liked about Lubbock outside of his family.


It was a disastrous look for Matt Wells, and it may have signaled the end for him. Compare this to Joey McGuire, who just reeks of Texas football, knowing the high school and college scene as well as anyone in the state and is clearly now living his dream as the head coach of a major program in the Lone Star State.

So no matter what happens in the Liberty Bowl on Tuesday, Texas Tech fans have to feel like the future is bright. And yes, ultimately, Joey McGuire will be judged based on how his team performs on the field, he’s certainly getting things off on the right foot and has the fan based fired up for what’s to come in 2022 and beyond.

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