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Caleb Williams Doesn’t Commit to Returning to Oklahoma After Alamo Bowl

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The Oklahoma Sooners dominated the Oregon Ducks 47-32 on Wednesday night in the Alamo Bowl, closing out the season with an 11-2 record. One of the biggest reasons for the victory was true freshman quarterback Caleb Williams, who finished with over 240 passing yards and three touchdowns.

And now, the biggest question surrounding OU is what exactly Williams is going to do moving forward. The former five-star prospect was recruiting from Washington D.C. to play for Lincoln Riley, but of course Riley bolted for Southern California, joining USC.

Well Williams addressed the media after the Alamo Bowl and was noncommittal when he was asked about it, telling reporters, “First and foremost, I have been — like you said, it’s been up and down, a roller coaster. Like you said, all my guys have been through it. We were all shocked (by Riley’s exit), we were all hit by it at the same time, same moment, so that’s how it’s been, up and down. We lost a lot of coaches, and we have a legend that comes back. We have GAs that step up. We have (co-offensive coordinator and inside receivers) coach (Cale) Gundy. We have a bunch of guys like that that stepped up in a bunch of different places and helped lead us to this awesome Alamodome and week that we’ve been here or five days or so, and it’s been awesome. Like everybody always says, San Antonio is very hospitable, and it’s been just like that. Everybody has welcomed us, and it’s been very fun.


Williams went on to say, “The whole transfer portal thing and coach BV going up there and saying all of that, I was focused on finishing the semester off strong, being with my guys, making sure that all my guys that won’t be here next year — I have the chance to be here. All my guys that won’t be here next year, they go off on the right note, we go off 11-2, and I’m about to go on vacation with my family. I haven’t been on vacation in a really long time. After all these ups and downs I want to go on vacation, spend time with my family and focus on that, and that’s it.”

This is a long way of Caleb Williams saying he hasn’t decided on his future and whether or not he will return to the Oklahoma Sooners in 2022.

But, if you’re looking for some optimism, Williams was vocal on social media last night, praising Bob Stoops, the team’s interim head coach.


Also of note, new Oklahoma head coach Brent Venables commented a couple of weeks ago that he would be surprised if Williams ultimately left the Sooners, saying, “Well, I do. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t [coming back in 2022]. But you’d have to ask him. He’s a wonderful young man, he’s incredibly talented. I do believe that he and his family have tried to plant their roots right here and make this home. And so hopefully that’ll continue to be a huge part of who they are, from a Sooner family and the connectivity that I feel like has been established. And we need him. I think that the best version of Caleb Williams, combined with a supporting cast, coaching, playing, offense, defense can be a wonderful marriage.”

But until Williams makes the announcement official, all of OU Nation will be having some sleepless nights.

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