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Brian Kelly Tries to Explain His Bad Southern Accent During Texas Bowl


You can’t look away from a wreck, it’s human nature. Something deep inside our psyches makes it nearly impossible to look away from a disaster happening right in front of our eyes.

Well, Brian Kelly and his accent are that disaster and it’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

About a month ago, Kelly arrived in Baton Rouge and gave a cringe-worthy halftime speech with some kind of “southern twang” that Nick Selbe of Sports Illustrated so eloquently described as “laced with more molasses than Foghorn Leghorn at his most unbridled.”


If you can’t recall, don’t worry, here is the moment in all of its glory.

Absolutely. Legendary. Brian Kelly could go on to win the next six national championships with LSU and this would still be a moment brought up by those in the internet community.

Just as “Family Gate” started to become history, Kelly brought it back to the surface during the ESPN broadcast of the TaxAct Texas Bowl between LSU and Kansas State. The former Notre Dame head coach joined the booth in the second quarter of the game and attempted to address his “fake accent” for the first time publically.

I’m sorry, WHAT? Did he just claim that Bostonians don’t have accents? Kelly grew up in Everett, Massachusetts, which is about four miles away from the center of Boston. That alone tells me what I need to know: Kelly can’t differentiate one accent or dialect from another. He just can’t. Boston is famous for its peoples’ accent, it’s probably the easiest accent to distinguish in America. Hasn’t he ever seen Good Will Hunting, The Town, or Ted?

Anyways, “Family Gate” lives on, Bostonians will come afta Brian soona ratha than lata, and the world keeps on spinning.

Kelly had better stick to football, and he might even have his job cut out for him there. The roster is depleted and the Tigers just got manhandled by K-State, losing 42-20 in the Texas Bowl.

Seriously, he’s never seen Good Will Hunting?


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